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A rubber O-ring is a mechanical gasket manufactured in the shape of a donut or a torus. It is used for static and dynamic uses where there is potential friction and relative motion between parts. They are usually made from different types of rubber, such as nitrile, silicon, Viton, and other rare synthetic rubber materials. Read More…

Rubber O-Rings In general, rubber O-Rings are not made of natural rubber but of a variety of synthetic rubbers also known as elastomers.

Since 1989, we have been an o-ring distributor. We offer commercial, FDA, military, metric o-rings, caps, plugs, gaskets & more. Custom, rubber o-rings, metal o-rings, diaphragms, face seals and non-standard o-rings are also offered.

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A leading o-ring manufacturer of quality metric seals for industries worldwide, defines Allied Metrics Seals & Fasteners. We offer FDA-approved elastomers, Teflon® seals, o-rings & much more. Choose from o-ring sizes, metal & plastic o-rings, o-ring kits, o-ring seals, silicone o-rings, EPDM o-rings, static o-rings, etc. Call/visit our website for more information about our products & services!

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RD Rubber Technology Corp is an ISO 9001:2015 / AS9100:2016 certified and ITAR registered company. We offer compression, transfer, injection and Liquid Injection molding, rubber to metal bonding, engineering support, tooling design, machining and more. Our customers rely on us to give them the best possible production o-rings. From aerospace to medical, food processing to military applications we ...

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MSP Seals was founded in 1998 in Indianapolis, IN. Our company has been a major supplier of seals and various other materials, continually innovating and responding to the changing needs of our customers. We have introduced unique new products, o-rings, hydraulic/pneumatic packings, oil seals, and other types of seals, MSP Seals also supplies molded rubber shapes and lathe cut shapes.

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At Seal Company, we pride ourselves on being a leading provider of high-quality O-rings and comprehensive sealing solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of our valued customers. With decades of experience and a steadfast commitment to excellence, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner in the sealing industry. Our product portfolio encompasses a wide variety of O-rings, including ...

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How do Rubber O-Rings Work?

The O-ring is manufactured with other metallic hardware to fit the breadth of the assembly perfectly. The O-ring is fitted into the metal hardware's breadth and then compressed when the second piece is fitted into place. The compression ensures an airtight condition and facilitates full contact with the metal frame's inner and outer walls.

dark red rubber o ring

The natural resilience of the ring creates a perfect seal to stop any contents, liquid or gas, from slipping through the barrier. As the fluid exerts pressure on the O-ring, it is pushed against the wall on the low-pressure side, thereby increasing the seal's strength. When the pressure is released, the O-ring material will allow it to contract and return to its initial shape, thus maintaining the O-ring's seal and overall integrity.

Types of Rubber O-Rings

The different types of rubber O-rings include:

Square Rubber O-Rings

As the name states, square rubber O-rings have a square cross-section. Also known as lathe and washer cut rings, they are very flexible and used to make leak-proof connections. The square ring is seated in a groove, and as the two surfaces are pressed together, the ring conforms to the groove and forms a secure, permanent seal.

cross section of a rubber o rings

Hollow O-Rings

Hollow rubber rings have the same shape as regular O-rings and flow into a groove similarly when a force is applied. The difference is that hollow rubber rings easily compress and fill the grooves. Furthermore, they are unsuitable for dynamic and high-pressure applications, though they can still be used in standard and non-standard grooves.

hollow rubber o rings

Coated Rubber O-Rings

These rubber rings are coated to increase their resistance to friction, harsh weather conditions, chemicals, and abrasive actions. The coat also makes the rings non-sticky or bendy.

coated rubber o rings

Back-Up O-Rings

Back-up O-rings are usually meant to protect the seal of an O-ring from extrusion when put under extreme conditions. They lessen the space where the O-ring would protrude from and add additional support to the structure so that high temperatures and pressures are withstood.

back up rubber o rings

Encapsulated Rubber O-Rings

These rings have an inner core made of flexible rubber and covered with a layer that protects from corrosion and resistance to extreme conditions. The layer types usually include fluorinated ethylene propylene or perfluoro alkoxy-copolymer. These two polymers are used because they offer greater resistance to destructive chemicals and improved mechanical properties to resist stress and cracking. However, the encapsulated rubber rings are easily worn out by moving parts, limiting them to static applications where movement is minimal.

encapsulated rubber o rings

Applications of Rubber O-Rings

O-rings seals are used in high-pressure sealing jobs. O-ring rubbers are used in mechanisms where fluids are transmitted at very high pressures because they deform and fill up the grooves in the gasket, leaving little room for contents to sip out. High turbo engines also use rubber O-rings because of their resistance to very high temperatures and ability to retain hydro chemicals and solvent-based compounds. The plumbing industry also uses rubber O-rings as they provide waterproof sealing in water pipes.

Benefits of Rubber O-Rings

Rubber O-rings are widely used in multiple applications because they come in numerous sizes for varying pipe and joint sizes. They also come in varying hardness and textures to suit different applications. The rings also have a simple design, making them easy to use, and are self-seating as they do not require any tool adjustments. They are also cost-effective since they do not have complex requirements.

Choosing the Correct Rubber O-Ring Manufacturer

To ensure you have the most constructive outcome when purchasing rubber O-rings from a rubber O-ring manufacturer, it is important to compare several companies using our directory of rubber O-ring manufacturers. Each rubber O-ring manufacturer has a business profile page highlighting their areas of experience and capabilities, along with a contact form to directly communicate with the manufacturer for more information or request a quote. Review each rubber O-ring business website using our patented website previewer to quickly learn what each company specializes in. Then, use our simple RFQ form to contact multiple rubber O-ring companies with the same form.

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Rubber O-Rings

Rubber O-Rings

A rubber O ring is a mechanical gasket in the shape of a torus or donut and is used for static and dynamic applications where there is relative motion between parts and the possibility of friction. Some of the benefits of rubber O rings are...

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